The Tom Block Interview: Breaking ‘A Fatal Addiction’

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David Crumm
March 18, 2013
Read the Spirit

ARTIST, WRITER and peace activist Tom Block keeps surprising the world. From eye-opening paintings of great spiritual leaders to unusual theatrical works to historical analysis to activist manifestos, Tom is hammering away at a core flaw in civilization: the intersection of religion and violence.

Tom Block at the Fridge

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Mark Jenkins
Washington DC, June 28, 2012
Washington Post

At first glance, there might not seem to be anything classical about Tom Block’s style. The densely layered work in his “Jiwar,” at the Fridge, combines painting, collage and child-like drawing to suggest an urban wall layered with graffiti and tattered old posters.

An Interview with Playwright Tom Block on ‘Butterfly’

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Joel Markowitz
February 13, 2013
DC Metro Theater Arts

DCMetroTheaterArts caught up with Playwright Tom Block over coffee, in the small, sun-filled writing studio where he creates his written works.

Butterfly’s Bizarre World

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Morgan Fecto
Silver Spring, MD, February 19, 2013
Takoma Park/Silver Spring Voice

“Today’s prophet must look good in a suit and tie, and speak well at cocktail parties,” says the character Todd from Tom Block’s new play “Butterfly,” which premiered Wednesday at the Takoma Park Community Center.


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Tim Treanor
Washington DC, February 19, 2013
DC Theatre Scene

Butterfly is a story about the prophet Todd (Michael Mack), son of the prophet Jules (Ken Jackson), on the last day of his life.  Todd lives with his mother (Gigi Buscaglio) and has but a single follower, a nervous young Serbian refugee called Jan (Stephen Backus), yet he is supernally arrogant.

‘Butterfly’ at Wanderlust Theater Lab

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Jessica Dall
Washington DC, February 15, 2013
DC Metro Theater Arts

Walking into the Takoma Park Community Center Theater, it’s possible to tell right away that there is something unsettling about Tom Block’s new play, Butterfly, directed by Roselie Vasquez-Yetter, who also provided the set design.

Wanderlust produces second play in trilogy from playwright Tom Block

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Cara Hedgepath
February 13, 2013
Gazette Newspaper

Silver Spring artist spreads his wings with latest work

After establishing himself as a well-respected painter in the local art community, Block has published two books, “Shalom/Salaam: A Story of a Mystical Fraternity” in 2010 and “A Fatal Addiction: War in the Name of God” in 2012.Silver Spring resident Tom Block is a bit of a renaissance man.

Wanderlust Theater Lab: An Interview with Founder Roselie Vasquez-Yetter and Playwright-in-Residence Tom Block

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Washington DC, January 22, 2013
DC Metro Theater Arts

Playwright, author and visual artist Tom Block began writing plays a few years ago. His work immediately attracted the attention of Wanderlust Theater Lab’s founder Roselie Vasquez-Yetter. She led Tom’s first play, White Noise through a series of readings and then to production last June.

White Noise -- Review

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John Barry
Washington DC, June 9, 2012
DC Theatre Scene

White Noise, performed by Wanderlust Theatre at the Fridge this weekend, is a play that’s impossible to separate from the exhibit of paintings by DC artist Tom Block. So I’ll begin by describing the paintings themselves.

Okay ….

Tom Block: An Activist Artist Who Infiltrates and Inspires

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Ben Spielberg
Tikkun Daily, May 22, 2012
Tikkun Magazine

While artists do not change the world by merely raising awareness of a social issue, their activist art can mobilize people and resources around a cause. Tom Block, a witty and eloquent artist and writer based in Silver Spring, Maryland, revealed this philosophy to a mixed-faith crowd at the Mishin Fine Arts Gallery in San Francisco from May 4 to May

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