Maryland Art Place Critic's Residency

Baltimore, MD, Summer 2001
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"Maryland Art Place Critic's Residency"

The Tales We Tell: The Work of Tom Block

Baltimore, MD, Summer 2001
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"With the

Baal Shem Tov

series, Block renders spiritual legends in a vine-like weave of tangled characters and impressions. To create these images, a painted canvas is scraped and pressed with small painted swaths of paper. The process, which Block calls printing, produces two works: one, the large, densely painted scenes of flat patterns and the other, small but seemingly expansive landscaped scenes.

An Artist's Enigmatic "Friends"

Washington DC, February 8, 1997
Washington Times

Even if printed in black and white, Tom Block's oils brightly convey a mixture of jarring emotions. 

"These are images culled from everyday life and then taken out of context," the Gaithersburg resident says. "They become sort of mysterious and hopefully illogical moments all of us have had happen to us every day, in a bar or at a family dinner." Taken out of context, with these mysterious kinds of images, one might discern something slightly disturbing as well," he says.

Young Artists Group Show

Madrid, Spain, September 29, 1995
Diario ABC

Creation converts itself into a mysterious act, with a hidden meaning. And in these works we find all the ingredients that belong to the world of mystery. Tom Block achieves this by breaking the known form of the painting support, choosing instead to work on known objects rendered 'impossible.' Ultimately, Block's work tells us that the totality of the mundane objects that surround us are not in any way mundane, but are passages to a conversation with the eternal.

The Purpose of Painting is to Reflect the Spiritual, the Ineffable

Caceres, Spain, November 17, 1993
Diario Hoy

Halfway through this past June, Tom Block decided that the moment had arrived to settle the doubt in his private creative challenge and put on a solo exhibition for the first time, here in Caceres. This was in the public library, showing a collection of medium sized paintings using a variety of techniques that created an original voice, radical within the stagnant artistic panorama.

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