Actuary Day - reading at IATI Theater

June 18, 2020
64 East 4th Street
New York, NY 10009,
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My play "Actuary Day" will have a Zoom reading at 6 pm on Thursday, June 18.  

Actuary Day opens with Susan, a road construction worker, alone in a room, the last survivor in a world that has disappeared.  Her only clue to rebuild human civilization is a short video, which offers (she believes) an original myth from which to rebuild.   Jennifer, a risk assessor at The Hartford insurance company and a hidden poet, enters the room.  Susan informs her they must rebuild humanity. Jennifer asks: if they are really charged with rebuilding human civilization, aren’t they missing something?  Just then, Ted, a stay-at-home father and Doctor of Philosophy, ambles into the room. A homeless friar, Benedict, wanders into the room.  Then the orderlies – Pat and Chris – bustle in.  A bunch of stuff happens which is metaphor for other, deeper stuff.  Then the play ends as the universe began.

Starring Kellye Rowland, Sheila Joon Azim, Mark Peters, Galen Murphy-Hoffman, Jo-Anne Lee and Zo Tipp.  Sophia Gutchinov will read stage directions.  

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