Great Books: Into the Mystic Workshop

March 9, 2022 - April 13, 2022
24353 Redwood Highway
Kerby, OR 97531,


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Into the Mystic Workshop Series with Tom Block
Wednesdays, March 9-April 13, 5-7PM PST
Price: Sliding Scale, $50-$150

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The Southern Oregon Guild of Artists & Artisans welcomes back author, playwright, and artist Tom Block to host, Into the Mystic. Can the ideas of great thinkers inspire creativity in addressing today’s concerns? What new perspectives might we gain from age-old philosophies? Explore these questions within an intimate online group in this 6 session workshop series.

 Every week, you will read about a twenty page excerpt from a well known spiritual path. We will spend class time discussing the ideas and how they might impact the manner in which you currently view the world, spur your creativity, and affect how you see your place within the universe!

The course will explore:

  • Aldous Huxley, The Perennial Philosophy
  • Early Upanishads (Hindu)
  • Confucius and Mencius (Taoism)
  • Bodidharma and Buddha's Diamond Sutra (Buddhism)
  • Epictetus (Stoic)
  • Origen (early Christianity -- before it became a state religion)
  • Idries Shah, Tales of the Dervishes (Sufism)
  • Martin Buber, Hasidic Sayings and Tales (18th-century Hasidism)
  • Black Elk Speaks (Lakota Sioux)
  • Gandhi (contemporary peacemaker)
  • Wendell Berry (contemporary Animist)

All readings will be provided as downloadable PDFs to be read online or printed at home. After registering, you will be sent the ZOOM meeting link for this recurring class series.

Class fees are on a sliding scale. When you register, please honestly self-select your contribution. Choose a tier that supports you to commit and that may be a stretch but not a hardship. By paying at the highest level you help subsidize others and offer scholarships to support a wider range of people.

  • $50, if you’re financially stretching
  • $75, if you’re financially comfortable
  • $100, if you’re financially flourishing
  • $150, if you’re financially flourishing to support a scholarship

If the sliding scale would be a hardship and you’d like to request a scholarship, please send an email to or call Joyce at 541-659-3858.

Tom Block is a playwright, author of six books, 25+ year exhibiting visual artist and Founding Producer of New York City’s International Human Rights Art Festival. His art-activist work has been profiled more than 50 times in periodicals, and his exploration at the intersection of mysticism and society includes his manifesto/handbook Prophetic Activist Art: Handbook for a Spiritual Revolution (Centre for Human Ecology, Glasgow, Scotland), Mysticism in the Theater: What’s Needed Right Now (Routledge, London), Shalom/Salaam: The Story of a Mystical Fraternity (Fons Vitae, Louisville, KY) and more. 

Tom’s recently published book, Mysticism in Theatre: What's Needed Right Now introduces theater makers to the history, power, and possibility of using historical mystical ideas to influence all aspects of a production. This timely study aids creatives in developing strategies for inserting mystical ideas into their productions and can be applied to other artistic mediums.