International Human Rights Art Festival (

March 15, 2019 - May 31, 2020

New York, NY ,


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As Founding Producer of the International Human Rights Art Festival, I am producing an expanding series of events on a widening collection of platforms:

  • IHRAF annual full-week Festival at the Wild Project, December 9-15, 2019, East Village, NYC.

  • IHRAF Travels to Platform Theater, Glasgow, Scotland, February 15-16, 2020.

  • IHRAF partners with Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committee to present "Shalom/Salaam: A Muslim-Jewish Conference for Solidarity," March 15, 2020, NYC.

  • May 29-30, 2019Danspace, New York, NY. IHRAF Dance Curators Layla Zami and Oxana Chi will present a selection of work as part of Danspace’s “Food For Thought” series.

    May 31, 2019Shalom/Salaam Creative Retreat, Washington D.C. This full-day event exploring the similarities between Muslim and Jewish history, culture and spirituality will be in conjunction with the Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committee, Jews, Muslims and Allies Acting Together (JAMAAT), Jewish-Islamic Dialogue Society (JIDS), Shoulder-to-Shoulder and the Rumi Forum. The day will include music, dance, theatre, panel discussions, workshops and dinner.

  • IHRAF Publishes -- everytwo week, IHRAF publishes another activist poem, essay or short story.