My place "Taxi Driver" as part of Plays and Pizza

September 17, 2018
129 Orchard St.
New York, NY 10002,
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My play "Taxi Driver" will have a reading as part of the Plays and Pizza evening in the Lower East Side.  Come on out for a rockin's good time of theater and pizza and perhaps even a beer, if you are so inclined!

Our Writers This Month:

Tom Block, Sherry Bokser, Caroline Grant
Donald Loftus, Wayne Paul Mattingly, David Olshefski, Allan Yashin

Our Special Guest Star:

Norman Zamcheck “The Real Stormin’ Norman” At The Piano

Our Actors:

Cliff Billings, Damien Bosco, Joanna Connolly, Michael Gentile* Sharlene Hartman* Jeff Knapp* Caitelin McCoy, Kim Paris, Katie Vincent

Our MC:

Sophia Gutchinov

Our Director:

Peggy Howard Chane