Maryland Art Place Critic's Residency

Baltimore, MD, Summer 2001
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"Maryland Art Place Critic's Residency"

"In selecting artists for this year's MAP Critic's Residency, Calvin Reid and I gravitated toward work that struck us as vivid, risky, compelling, quirky, and ultimately very honest. What really struck us here were these strange, risky and eccentric visions devised by artists who, one suspects, are just out there on their own peculiar frontiers, where they're inventing their way and relying on their own inner resources. If the work seemed clear-headed, we were especially attentive. Oftentimes, within each artists chosen aesthetic, one can see how she or he is obviously pressing against and opening up the borders of genre altogether, and it's likely that this is precisely what made us stop and stay with the work. Tom Block's colorful paintings veer in the direction of texts, incorporating references to and impressions of various spiritually charged texts culled from different religious traditions."

Gregory Volk, Baltimore, MD, Summer 2001