La Bestia: Sweet Mother dance/theatre piece at IHRAF '18

November 15, 2018

J CHEN PROJECT premiered Tom Block's "La Bestia: Sweet Mother" dance/theater work at the International Human Rights Art Festival, November 15, 2018.

La Bestia: Sweet Mother is a story of a single immigrant girl, making her way from Honduras through Mexico and into the U.S. on top of the La Bestia freight train. This tale is told as myth, through poetry and dance. A story too close to our own...

Producer / Writer / Creator - Tom Block

Director / Co-Choreographer - Jessica Chen

Co-Choreographer - J Hsiung Actress

Spoken Word Artist - Graceann Dorse Dancer

Rafael Sanchez, Dancer

Elizabeth Cowperthwaite

A dance/theater commission from Thomas Block's original La Bestia: Sweet Mother text. This project is supported with funding from the Yip Harburg Foundation and the Puffin Foundation.