Prophetic Activist Art: Handbook for a Spiritual Revolution

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A book by Tom Block, 2014

U.S. Major General (ret.) Charles Tucker noted of Prophetic Activist Art:

"Tom Block is a visionary at the intersection of art and conscience.  Written with style and conviction, his new work is a “must read” for those searching for an ethical fulcrum from which to nurture equity, justice and human security."

Retired Foreign Service Officer and one-time political advisor to General David Petraeus at Central High Command (Tampa, FL) Lewis Elbinger said:

"Tom is a general in an army of Prophetic Activist Artists. He directs the building of bridges between cultures, hearts and minds. He invokes the prophets of old to give credence to the prophets of today. He challenges us to use our creative powers to manifest the world all of us desire, about which we dream and for which we pray. His manifesto is a roadmap toward that end."

And Joseph Montville, Director of the Program on Healing Historical Memory, School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason university, stated:

"Tom’s Prophetic Activist Art: A Handbook for a Spiritual Revolution, mobilizes Nelson Mandela and Niccolo Machiavelli, among others, for strategic guidance on how to recruit businessmen, state legislators, college administrators, members of Congress and media to help mount art in the service of peace in the world community."

This groundbreaking manifesto outlines a unique model for using art to spur social transformation, bringing together Generals, Foreign Service Officers, academics, business leaders and politicians with prophets and artists to use art as a regenerating force for social change.

Written by Tom Block, a noted art-activist with more than 20 years of using art to infiltrate business, social and political conversations, Prophetic Activist Art offers a step-by-step handbook for activist creators in any media.  Moving far beyond the oppositional activism of past art movements, Prophetic Activist Art insinuates artists and their ideas into the halls of power, money and influence.

Prophetic Activist Art brings together medieval conceptions of prophecy, art's historic purpose to raise the human gaze to our highest spirit  and the contemporary "cult of the individual," to propose a mysticism of action, with art as the revitalizing force.  This theory moves beyond using activist art simply to shock the audience, or raise awareness of social issues, to providing specific and quantifiable social change.  

Mr. Block concludes that Prophetic Activist Art offers a renewal of creativity’s historic purpose, for our era.  Here lies the nexus of prophetic inspiration and the contemporary artist’s studio.  This book is based in his belief that art has had a historic role in helping humankind reach our greatest spiritual potential, and that Prophetic Activist Art provides one manner of reconsidering that role for our era.

Hardly a theory that emerged out of thin air, it grows out of Mr. Block’s more than two decades of activist artwork.